Security alarms


  • Systems designed to detect intruders and create alerts/activations with sirens to make the intruder leave the property.
  • Systems that provide peace of mind.
  • Intruders drop everything and are driven from the property.
  • Free on site consultation and many products/options available.
  • Cellular SMS text Monitoring.
  • Internet monitoring over Broadband.
  • Standard central site monitoring.
  • Specialist installation of secure Digital wireless security system equipment.
  • We Install and service DSC Neo Alarms and DSC Impassa self-contained wireless alarm systems.

DSC Power Series NEO Alarm system

  • A Modular hardwired security system with the simplicity of a wide
  • range of wireless devices and peripherals.
  • This is a ground breaking comprehensive and versatile hybrid system for residential to Commercial enterprises.
  • This Hybrid system uses Power G two-way wireless technology.
  • 16 to 128 Zones and an extensive range of devices.
DSC Power Series NEO Alarm system

DSC Impassa Self-contained Wireless system

  • Has own LCD English message keypad.
  • Own Cellular Communicator.
  • Completely wireless control and sensors.
  • Full Monitoring facilities and cellular
  • Text messaging.
  • Wide range of sensors sirens and keypads.
Impassa Main Keypad and control unit